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There's a lot to discover and explore on Indiana's North Shore!

Outdoors in Lake County, IN
         From the majestic sand dunes of Lake County's northern shore to the marshes of our southern border, Lake County has outdoor experiences to satisfy everyone's wild ambitions. Lake County's park system is recognized as one of the premier in the nation. Eleven county parks feature some of the finest open spaces and unique programming available.

         Excitement doesn't end with the big lake. From hunting to golfing, Lake County offers every possible need for the nature lover, bird watching enthusiast, or outdoorsman!

Indiana Welcome Center
         The Indiana Welcome Center The building design encompasses some of the main, most memorable images of Lake County and uses them in the building language. The solution is as diverse as the community itself: its people, the natural environment, and manmade developments.

         The structure starts with the most dominant natural feature in our area, Lake Michigan. The large exhibition space is created with the form of stainless steel "waves" glistening in the sun. These waves crash into the undulating "sand dunes" which are juxtaposed to the industry; Steel, denoted in the gray office form (second story) and the smoke stacks of the entry canopy. The natural terrain then rolls into the plains and farms, which is bordered to the south by the free-flowing Kankakee River depicted in the south facade of the building.

         From this, the composition has sculpted a structure that symbolically tells the story of the area, houses the necessary functions for the Welcome Center, and leaves one with an image unseen elsewhere.

         Let us think of water, waves, sand dunes, industry, farming, rivers, and last of all, the people of our County. What we have is as unique and singular as Lake County.

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